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The Aftermath of a Hailstorm: Assessing and Repairing the Damage to Your Home

6/7/2024 (Permalink)

Hailstorms, with their unpredictable nature and potential for significant damage, can leave homeowners in Ronkonkoma grappling with the aftermath. The sudden assault of ice balls can harm various parts of your property, from shattered windows to dented siding and beyond. Understanding the steps to assess and repair the damage is crucial for restoring your home's safety and aesthetics. Here's your guide to navigating the post-hailstorm landscape with confidence.

Figuring Out the Damage

Exterior Inspection

After the storm has passed and it's safe to go outside, begin with a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior. Look for visible signs of hail damage, such as indentations on siding, broken or missing shingles, and cracks in windows or doors. Don't forget to check air conditioning units and other outdoor appliances that might have been exposed to hail.

Interior Examination

Next, move inside to inspect for any water leaks or damage that may have resulted from the hail compromising your roof or windows. Water stains on ceilings and walls are red flags that need immediate attention.

Document Everything

As you assess the damage, document every detail. Take clear photos or videos of the affected areas, noting the date and extent of the damage. This documentation will be invaluable when filing an insurance claim and working with restoration professionals.

Contact Your Insurance Company

With your documentation in hand, reach out to your insurance provider to report the damage. They'll guide you through the claims process and may send an adjuster to assess the damage in person. Be sure to understand your policy's coverage, including any deductibles and coverage limits.

Why SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma?

When it's time to repair the damage, choosing the right restoration company is paramount. SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma stands out for its fast response, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to restore your home to its pre-storm condition efficiently and effectively.

Comprehensive Services

From minor repairs to major renovations, SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma offers a range of services tailored to address hail damage. We prioritize your safety and convenience, working diligently to repair structural damages, fix leaks, and ensure your home is secure and comfortable once again.

The impact of a hailstorm can be overwhelming, but with the right approach to assessment, documentation, and professional assistance, you can navigate the aftermath with ease. Remember, SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is here to support you through every step of the storm damage restoration process. Our expertise and resources ensure that your home will be back to its pre-storm beauty in no time.

Need Help with Storm Damage Restoration?

Don't let hailstorm damage stress you out. Contact SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma for a swift, professional response that gets your home back to its best. Call us today and let us take the storm damage off your hands.

Preparing Your Home for Storm Season: Tips to Minimize Potential Damage

4/4/2024 (Permalink)

Keep Your Home Safe

As residents of Ronkonkoma, we know that storm season can bring unpredictable weather patterns, from heavy rains to strong winds. Ensuring your home is prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws its way is crucial. In this blog, we'll share some friendly and informative tips to help you minimize potential storm damage and protect your cherished abode.

Trim Those Trees

One of the first lines of defense against storm damage is well-maintained landscaping. Trim overhanging branches to prevent them from becoming projectiles during high winds. Regular tree maintenance not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also reduces the risk of falling limbs causing damage.

Reinforce Your Home's Exterior

Take a stroll around your yard and identify any loose outdoor items such as furniture, decorations, or toys. Secure or store them indoors when a storm is on the horizon to prevent them from becoming potential projectiles that can cause damage to your home or neighboring properties.

Check and Seal Windows and Doors

Inspect the seals around windows and doors for any signs of wear or damage. A well-sealed home is more resistant to water intrusion and drafts. Consider adding weatherstripping or caulking to ensure a tight seal, providing an extra layer of protection during storms.

Create an Emergency Kit

Prepare for the unexpected by assembling a comprehensive emergency kit. Include essentials like non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, and important documents. Having a well-stocked emergency kit ensures that you and your family are ready to face any challenges that may arise during a storm.

Monitor Weather Updates

Stay informed about approaching storms by keeping an eye on weather forecasts. Set up alerts on your phone and have a battery-operated weather radio on hand. Being aware of changing weather conditions allows you to take timely actions to secure your home and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

By taking these proactive steps to prepare your home for storm season, you're not just safeguarding your property but also fostering a sense of security for your family. However, if storm damage does occur, know that SERVPRO® of Ronkonkoma is here to help.

Act Now with SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma

Don't let storm damage linger. Contact SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma for prompt and professional storm damage restoration services. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in restoring your home to its pre-storm condition. Trust us to handle the aftermath while you focus on what matters most – your family and peace of mind.

Swift Storm Damage Restoration in Suffolk County, NY

8/20/2023 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Cleanup in Suffolk County, NY

When Mother Nature's fury strikes, your home can bear the brunt of it. Storm damage can be overwhelming, from fierce winds that uproot trees to torrential rains causing flooding. But fear not because SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is here to provide swift and reliable storm damage restoration services in Suffolk County, NY.

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. Our professional team understands the urgency and is equipped to assess the extent of the damage, remove debris, and restore your property efficiently. We use advanced techniques to ensure your home is back to its pre-storm condition in no time.

We've got you covered, whether it's a fallen tree, roof damage, or water infiltration. Our 24/7 emergency services mean that help is just a phone call away, no matter the hour. Don't let storm damage cast a shadow over your life – reach out to us today and let us bring back the calm after the storm.

SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is Here to Help

When storm damage strikes, don't delay. Contact SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma for swift and reliable restoration services. We're here to help you recover and rebuild.

What You Shouldn't Do During a Hurricane

5/2/2023 (Permalink)

3 Things You Should Never Do During a Hurricane

Hurricane season can seriously endanger people living on Long Island — especially near one of our many beaches. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November, with the peak season from August to October. Being prepared during hurricane season is crucial for all Suffolk County residents. 

This blog post will discuss the common actions, behaviors, or habits that could cause harm or worsen the situation during a hurricane and what you should do to stay safe. We’ll also share some tips on what you should do to stay safe during a storm.

What Not to Do During a Hurricane

1. Staying in an Unsafe Structure

One of the most important things to remember is to never stay in an unsafe structure during a hurricane. Do not take the chance of staying in a facility that may be at risk of collapse and cause harm to you or your family members. If your home is in a low-lying area or flood zone, it’s better to evacuate before the storm hits.

2. Driving Through Floodwater

Another thing to remember is never to attempt to drive through flood water during a hurricane. Floodwaters can be deeper than they appear, making it impossible to see what’s beneath the surface, such as downed power lines or debris. This can cause an accident, and even worse, the current could sweep you away.

3. Using Candle as a Light Source

Using candles as a light source may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Candles can cause a house fire if they are knocked over, and it’s easy to do so during a hurricane. If you need a light source during a storm, use a flashlight instead of a candle.

3 Things You Should Do to Remain Safe During a Hurricane

How to Stay Safe During Hurricane Season

1. Stay Informed

Stay informed of the weather forecast, and if there is a hurricane warning, take it seriously. You can find updates from local news outlets or download weather updates on your phone.

2. Create an Emergency Plan

Have an emergency preparedness plan in place. Please ensure all family members know the plan, where to go, what to do in an emergency, and what to bring.

3. Stock Up on Supplies

Stock up on emergency supplies ahead of time, such as water, non-perishable food, first-aid kits, flashlights, and batteries.

Professional Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services in Suffolk County

If your home sustains storm-related damages, SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma has storm damage cleanup and restoration services you can count on. We have years of experience restoring various structures after a hurricane, and our team is equipped with the necessary toll and expertise to handle situations of any size.

If you ever need assistance in the aftermath of a hurricane, contact our friendly team immediately.

When Should I Start Preparing for Hurricane Season?

5/1/2023 (Permalink)

When Should I Start Preparing for Hurricane Season on Long Island?

Hurricanes are one of nature’s most powerful and destructive forces. While most common in coastal areas, they can also have far-reaching impacts inland. As such, it is important to be prepared for hurricane season. But when should you start preparing?

Timing and Duration of Hurricane Season on Long Island

Hurricane season on Long Island typically runs from June 1 to November 30. While the peak season is typically in August and September, hurricanes can form anytime during this period.

Preparing for a Hurricane

It is essential to be prepared in case a hurricane does strike. Preparation can be divided into three phases: before, during, and after the storm.

Before a Hurricane

Before a hurricane, people should consider taking the following precautions:

  • Creating an emergency kit with essential supplies such as water, non-perishable food, batteries, and a first-aid kit.
  • Having a plan for where to go in case of an evacuation.
  • Securing your home includes shutting storm shutters, sealing windows, and bringing in outdoor furniture.

During a Hurricane

During a hurricane, it is crucial to prioritize safety. 

  • Stay informed through official news channels and emergency alerts.
  • Follow evacuation orders promptly.
  • Stay indoors and away from windows and doors.
  • Use flashlights rather than candles as sources of light.

After a Hurricane

After a hurricane, people should assess the damage and begin the recovery process.

  • Only return to your home once it has been declared safe by authorities.
  • Be cautious of standing water, which can harbor dangerous microbes.
  • Document any damage for insurance purposes.
  • Seek professional help to repair any damage that has been done to your property.

Safeguarding Your Property

In addition to having a plan and emergency kit ready, there are steps you can take to safeguard your property against hurricane-related damage further.

  • Install impact-resistant doors and windows.
  • Anchor your roof to the walls of your house.
  • Ensure that your garage door can withstand high winds.
  • Trim any trees around your property that could fall and cause damage.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services in Suffolk County, NY

It is important to begin preparing for hurricane season early to ensure you are not caught off-guard by a sudden storm. By implementing the measures listed above, you can be ready to protect yourself, your home, and your property from the impacts of a hurricane.

However, SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is here to help if your home sustains storm-related damages. Contact us today to learn how we can bring your property back to normal in no time.

Why SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is a Great Choice for Storm Damage Repair and Restoration Services in Suffolk County

4/28/2023 (Permalink)

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm can be daunting for any homeowner. From water damage to flooding, wind damage, and more, the challenges vary depending on the type and extent of the damage. That's where SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma comes in, as we are the professionals of storm damage repair and restoration services in Suffolk County. 

In this blog post, we will highlight why homeowners should entrust SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma for storm damage repair and restoration needs.

Experience and Expertise

SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma has been serving Suffolk County for years. Our wealth of experience in handling storm damage repair and restoration services makes us uniquely qualified to manage various types of damage that occur during a storm. 

Our team of professionals is well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques to effectively mitigate the damage caused by storms. Whether it's water damage, wind damage, or flooding, we have the expertise to address each situation with precision and care.

Quick Response Time

Time is of the essence when it comes to storm damage repair and restoration services. SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma understands the urgency of these situations and offers a swift response to mitigate the damage. Our 24/7 emergency services are always available, so homeowners can rest assured that help is only a phone call away. By acting quickly, we can prevent further damage and ensure that homeowners can return to their homes as soon as possible.

Reliable Storm Damage Repair and Restoration in Suffolk County

SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is a great choice for Suffolk County storm damage repair and restoration services. To learn more about our services, visit our website or call us today.

How Homeowners Can Protect Their Homes from Winter Storm Damage

1/30/2023 (Permalink)

How to Protect Your Home from Winter Storm Damage

Winter storms can cause a lot of damage to homes — especially on Long Island. From snow and ice buildup on roofs to frozen pipes, these kinds of weather-related disasters can be costly to repair. Fortunately, SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is here to share some steps homeowners can take to protect their Suffolk County homes from winter storm damage. 

Let’s look at a few of them:

Maintain Your Roof and Gutters 

Every autumn, before the winter season arrives, it’s important to ensure that your roof is in good condition and free of any debris or buildup that could prevent melting snow and ice from draining off the roof properly. You should also ensure that your gutters are clean so they can effectively carry water away from your home. If you need help with this task, consider hiring a professional roofing company to inspect and maintain your roof.

Insulate Your Pipes 

Frozen pipes are one of the most common causes of winter storm damage to Long Island homes. To prevent this from happening, insulating any exposed pipes in basements, attics, crawl spaces, garage walls, and other areas where temperatures may drop below freezing is important. You can find insulation kits at most hardware stores or hire a plumber for a more comprehensive solution.

Clear Snow Away From Your Home 

Snow buildup around your home can lead to water seeping through cracks in foundations or windowsills and flooding near doors and windows when the snow melts quickly due to warmer temperatures. To prevent this damage, homeowners need to clear away any snow buildup near their homes as soon as possible after each winter storm passes through their area. This will help keep water from pooling around your home, which could lead to costly repairs.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services in Suffolk County You Can Count On

Protecting your home from winter storm damage is an important step in keeping you and your property safe during the frigid Long Island winters. However, should your Suffolk County home sustain storm-related damages of any kind, SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is here to help save the day with our storm damage cleanup and restoration services

To speak with a member of our friendly team, give us a call at (631) 585-0007 or fill out a form!

How Do You Recover from Storm Damage?

8/29/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Recovery Tips

When a storm arrives on Long Island, it may cause some unexpected damage to your home. And while you can’t control the storm’s damage, you can control how you are prepared to handle the aftermath. The Suffolk County storm damage restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma are here to share some helpful tips on what you should do after your house sustains storm-related damage.

Assess Your Home’s Damage

Once the storm has passed and it is safe to go outside, inspect your home thoroughly to learn the extent of the damage. You’ll want to check for things such as broken electrical lines, loose shingles, broken siding, and more. However, if you see damaged power lines on the ground, it’s vital to keep ten feet back and contact the utility company right away. Another thing to keep in mind: If you smell gas or suspect a leak, quickly evacuate your home immediately and do not close the door behind you. Once you’re a safe distance away from your house, call 911 and your gas company’s emergency number without delay.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Before reaching out to your insurance provider, take photos of any house impairments. Ensure you do not transfer or remove anything until you have documented it through pictures and/or videos. With proper documentation, the insurance company can assess the damage and compensate you. Moreover, it’s imperative to save your receipts for hotel costs and other temporary finances for your insurance claim. Your insurance provider will assist you with a claim number and a list of local emergency service workers. 

Begin the Restoration Process

Once you have your insurance claim number, determine what storm damage-related repairs you need to have repaired and restored. Regardless of the size of the damage, completing any repair or restoration work on your own can be dangerous — that’s why it’s important to have a professional complete this work for you. They’ll be able to assess the situation in a timely manner and get your home back on its feet “Like it never even happened.”.

Need Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Suffolk County?

If your home sustains storm damage, choose SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma to help save the day. Our team of storm damage cleanup and restoration professionals has the expertise and specialized training to restore your Suffolk County home quickly and efficiently, “Like it never even happened.”

Contact us today at (631) 585-0007 or fill out a form for assistance!

How to Prepare For Storms Correctly

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

How Do I Prepare For a Storm Correctly?

Along with the ownership of any home or business comes the reality that your investment is likely a large one, as well as an important one. For those on Long Island, it’s easy to understand why these investments are precious and important!

When a storm barrels through the island and causes damage, it can be a severe blow to your morale. Below are a few ways to prepare for them and why it’s important:


Not only can a storm cause damage by things coming through windows, roofs, and walls, but it can also creep in through entryways, with or without an invitation.

Make sure your seals are properly installed, functioning as they should, and ready to prevent things like water and critters from getting in due to a storm. The last thing you need is damage on the floor that keeps your business closed for days at a time. 


For many homes and businesses on the island, a loss of power not only means a loss of time and potential product, but it’s a loss of money!

While your products might rely on electricity and refrigeration to stay in good shape, lacking a generator or power can prevent them from doing so.

Know Who to Call

When something happens at home, make sure you’re taking time to digest the damage and breathe. When everything is finished, there is someone who will be able to help you -- and that person is us! We have an extensive history of mitigating the damage of all types from storms, and we’re happy to help you as soon as you need us! 

There are sometimes emergency situations that cannot be avoided, even with proper care. If your home or business has experienced any damage this Summer, there’s only one company that can quickly and effectively restore the area -- us.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services in Suffolk County, New York

With SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma, we take pride in our fast and effective response team, dedicated to getting you back up and running as soon as possible. Contact us at 631-296-0465 for rapid response and service.

How Can Cold Weather Harm My House?

12/30/2021 (Permalink)

If there's one thing we know and can expect in the Northeast during the winter, it's frigid temperatures. Snow, ice, and dry air make our skin all the more susceptible to the cold temperatures we are dealing with.

It's an ongoing struggle but one we face each year. Besides just ourselves, however, our house has to be prepared for the battleground that is winter. While it may be obvious at first, the winter season can cause both home damage and water damage.

Here are just a few of the potential consequences a house can suffer from due to cold temperatures.

Exterior Damage

Because a house tends to shift a lot with heat and cold, when the colder temperatures start to arrive, it makes the house shrink in on itself. This can cause certain parts of the exterior to crack, and if not properly insulated, it can suffer greatly from the contraction of the house. Pieces can start to chip off, and the next thing we know, we have ourselves quite a bit of home damage.

Water Leaks

Perhaps the biggest threat to the home is the plumbing. You've likely been told many times to regularly drain water through your pipes to keep them from freezing. There's wisdom in that suggestion. A pipe that freezes can't utilize pressure properly to push water through the pipe. Instead, all of that pressure is built up until it explodes and we have water pouring everywhere and a ton of nasty water damage.

Potential Fire Hazards Due To Heat Needs

To keep out the cold, we drive those inside temperatures up. However, the furnace isn't infallible. It can break down or worse, start a fire. Furnace fires are not uncommon, and they can engulf an entire house before anything can be done. Make sure you’re having this inspected at least once per year.

Residential Repair and Restoration Services in Suffolk County, New York

SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is a locally owned and operated business with the team and resources to handle disasters of any size. We know that issues like these can be stressful, especially inside your own home, and we are here to make the restoration process as seamless as possible.

Call our friendly team at 631-296-0367 or contact us online for immediate assistance!

Tools to Have on Hand Before a Storm

12/17/2021 (Permalink)

How to Protect Your Home from Storm Damage

If your home or business is as important to you as ours is to us, we’re sure that you’d do almost anything to protect it during a storm. To do so, the right tools, materials, and most importantly time are necessary to get the job done.

If you’re planning on being prepared to protect your home from potential storm damage in your area, these are some of the most important things you need:

  • Wood Paneling: Available in large dimensions at your local hardware store, wood paneling and wood boards are extremely vital in order to protect small fixtures, windows, doors, and more. This can prevent debris from coming into your home or flying around and causing damage.
  • Backup Generator: If you lose power, you’re likely going to have a hard time keeping food fresh, using your appliances, and going about a daily routine. Having a backup generator with a bit of gas is usually the difference between a rough few days without power and a more comfortable post-storm experience.
  • Cutting Tools: It’s not ideal to approach anything you’re not prepared to handle (such as a downed power line); however, there are steps you can take to clear the area safely. First, check the area and ensure you’re not cutting where there are any downed power lines. If you are unsure, air on the side of caution. If it is safe and you have a fallen branch or tree, grabbing your shears or chainsaw can help you fix some of the damage and keep it away from your home.
  • Candles and Flashlights: If for any reason you don’t have a generator, lighting is going to be important. Keeping spare candles and flashlights around are extremely important items to think about having at your disposal. Remember to always be extremely careful with open flames in your home!
  • Bags of Ice: If you know the power is going to go out, make sure to keep a spare bag or two of ice at home (or even create your own ice packs). In the event your fridge’s temperature is rising too quickly, you can throw these frozen packs into the key areas to try and protect meat and dairy from spoiling quickly.

Last but not least, make sure that if you encounter any damage sustained by a passing storm, you make the call to a qualified company to help remediate the issue as soon as possible. While storms can be relentless in the initial damage they cause, the aftermath of their path of destruction can be far worse.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services in Suffolk County, New York

SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma has been helping local families and business recover after all types of storms, and your case is no different! To receive assistance with storm, fire, or water damage, give us a call at 631-296-0367!

How Do You Restore Hurricane Damage?

10/21/2021 (Permalink)

Restoring damage from a catastrophic event is not easy. We’re not talking about a pipe burst in your basement, we’re talking about anything from minimal damage to whole homes and businesses being washed away in the wreckage. Here at SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma, we have been there through the storms in the past and we will be there through the storms in the future. If you have to go through this with someone, make it your SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma family: 

Safety Always Comes First

When it comes to powerful storms like Harvey and Irma, the first thing on your mind should be safety. As you are preparing your home for the storm, be sure to take pictures for the insurance companies and move all valuables to a safe location. If your local government issues an evacuation, prepare your home as best as you can and be sure to follow their instructions.

A Dedicated Work Force

The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of the best of the best in the restoration business. We were there in Houston and Southern Florida and continue to work diligently at this very moment to help put people’s lives and businesses back together. We have helped residential and commercial property owners return to normalcy after MAJOR losses and that ability to help out those in need is what motivates us.

A History of Success

When it comes to large scale disasters, the SERVPRO family bands together! We can mobilize up to 1,700 Franchisees nationwide and with their level of expertise, your property will look as good as new in no time. In the past decade, we have had restoration success after these catastrophic events:

  • Hurricanes Harvey & Irma (2017)
  • Hurricane Sandy (2012)
  • Polar Vortex (2014)
  • Nashville Floods (2010)
  • Hurricane Ike (2008)
  • Chicago Floods (2007)
  • California Wildfires (2007)

To learn more about Hurricane Safety and how you can keep abreast of Red Cross information, click here!

Damage Prevention at Home & What It Means For You

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

You’re faced with a storm, and the first thing on your mind should be safety. As a homeowner, however, the second thought is the wellbeing of your home and how it will endure the weather. While you can’t control what happens to the main components of your home, you can prevent damage to some of the smaller components. Check out below how you can do so and keep your home in tip-top shape!

Boarding Windows

As with many storms, wind and rain can sometimes feel as if it’s pounding against all sides of your home, which can be extremely scary — not to mention dangerous! Should your windows break, you’ve got damage on the outside and inside of your home, as well as the potential for water damage. If you can, find a way to board them up and prevent dangers from coming in.

Sealing Entryways

Another thing that can happen, especially with flash storms, is an abundance of moisture in and around your home. This in itself can cause the formulation of mold, which can be a pain to get rid of. One of the best ways to prevent mold is to seal up any area in which moisture can get in, and protect it from becoming stagnant.

Fire Safety

Preventing fires is something we all know a bit about, but during a storm, it can become more difficult. Downed power lines and potential surges can be big factors leading to a fire in your home, as can smaller items like candles and matches. It’s important to make sure that you’re hyper-aware of anything that can lead to a fire, and should you experience one, call 911 for immediate assistance.

If a storm has gotten the best of you and your home, make sure you’re enlisting the help of a company who can help remedy the issue ASAP. At SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma, we’re on-call 24/7 to ensure that your disaster is handled and remedied as soon as possible. To learn more, give us a call at (631) 585-0007 and someone will be happy to assist you at any time of the day or night.

3 Steps To Take During A Storm

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

The effects of a storm to unprepared homeowners can oftentimes be devastating, both mentally and physically. Sustained damage to your home, among other things, is just one of the expensive and time-consuming nuisances that can occur due to a severe storm passing through. Although, as a homeowner, preparedness is a huge factor in how you weather the storm (literally!). Below are a few tips to consider implementing the next time you hear a bad storm is headed your way.

Buy A Generator

One thing we hear far too often is ‘it won’t be that bad, we can handle it”. While this might be true, everyday tasks are much more difficult without power in your home. Food can spoil, appliances might not work, and your shower might be too cold for comfort. Investing in a generator that has the ability to power up your important fixtures and items is a great way to both prepare and be ready to respond to the effects of a storm.

Buy Sandbags

As many of us know, Hurricane Sandy caused massive damage in areas that don’t normally suffer from the effects of flooding. With that storm came flooded basements and homes, which lead to both water damage and mold — something no homeowner ever wants to see. One of the simple fixes to this is to place sandbags or another equivalent dam product down in order to prevent the water from making its way into your home. This small investment can save you thousands in water damage and mold repair!

Window Boarding

In addition to water, physical damage to your home is also common — especially your windows. Instead of taking the chance of something breaking through your window and coming into your home, consider boarding them up with wood or protecting them with an added layer on the exterior. This is a small price to pay in comparison to the damage caused by flying objects, which can also lead to water coming in, animals finding refuge, and more.

If your home experiences any sort of damage from a future storm, make sure you’re trusting the right company to remediate the issues as soon as possible. Here at SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma, we provide 24/7 emergency services to Long Island communities and can assist in getting your home back up and running the way it was before damage originally occurred.

How Storms Can Affect The Quality Of Your Water

10/14/2021 (Permalink)

For many, the water you use in your home is sacred -- it’s relied on it for almost everything! Whether it be for cooking, cleaning, washing the car or doing laundry, it’s important to recognize all of the good that your water does, and how it helps daily activities. While our local municipalities strive to maintain the cleanest water levels, things can certainly affect the quality -- which is not something we want any of our Long Island residents to have to deal with. With storm season approaching, we’ve compiled a few ways your water quality can be affected

Storm Runoff

Have you ever wondered when the big river that’s formed in your yard/street is going to go away after a storm? We’ve been there too. What goes unnoticed sometimes, is that all of this water, eventually, has to go somewhere. Something as simple as walking through these puddles can begin tracing water into your home, onto your clothes, and even on the body. When this water is heavily contaminated with other sediments from daily life, it can pose a risk to your overall health as well, in addition to causing damage! It’s important to always keep up to date with your local town as to the current water readings and how it may be affecting your daily life.

Damaging Components

During a storm, whether it be a hurricane or downpour, your home is susceptible to all sorts of damage that can cause lasting impact on your daily life and the home in which you operate out of. When damage occurs at home and there’s rain nearby, these contaminants are carried by the water and can sometimes end up in the water supply. Our goal is to not only help you repair from this water damage, but allow you to remain worry free during the process while we make everything as good as new! While this is happening, whether the water supply is off or on in your home, it’s important to operate with great caution in order to prevent any adverse effects from potentially tainted water.

We know how devastating a Storm tragedy can be on you and your home or business, and we’re here to help! SERVPRO has been helping all types of commercial businesses get

back on their feet after damage. When something goes wrong, you’re going to need a company

who can make it right. To learn more about how SERVPRO Of Ronkonkoma can assist in your

time of need, give us a call today! 631-585-0007

Protecting Your Business From Winter Storms

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

During the cold winter months, there’s always the danger of a winter storm taking out power or causing injuries at your place of business. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent water damage or personal injuries in your commercial or home business location. These things can save you and your business a ton of hassle during periods of inclement weather, when serious attention to safety is pivotal.

Backup Generator

Having a backup generator is a great way to keep your employees, customers, and yourself safe if there’s a dangerous storm or power outage. A backup generator will keep your heat on and allow you to power specific appliances and fixtures to continue business as usual.

Snow and Ice Removal

It is important to have a plan of action and to take care of snow removal on a regular basis when there is a heavy winter storm coming through. Clear walkways and make sure that there is no build up of snow against buildings, and on weak areas of your roofing. Preventing leaks and damage from these harsh elements is imperative to keeping your business safe during periods of inclement weather.

Fortify Your Building

Make sure that you’re checking for a number of potential issues that may arise during the winter in your building. Slow flowing water is an indication that pipes may be freezing, and a higher heat bill may indicate gaps in your walls, windows or door frames. Not only can this let cold air in, but it can allow moisture and snow to find its way into your home and cause different types of damage.

Winter storms can be unforgiving and it’s important to know that damage can, and sometimes will happen. Should your business suffer from winter storm damage, make sure you’ve equipped yourself to battle the damage and get your business back up and running as soon as possible. SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is a locally owned and operated business with the team and resources to handle disasters of any size. For restoration services, call us at 631-296-0462 or contact us online for immediate assistance!

What Happens If A Storm Damages My Home?

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An all too common occurrence for homeowners during a storm is the fear of damage in places where it’s expensive to fix. One of the biggest fears is the reality of a tree crashing through the roof of your home and not being able to prevent it. While storm damage can be devastating, it’s important to understand the steps you can take to fix the situation quickly, should you fall victim to its wrath.

Move Belongings

After checking that everyone is ok, it’s important to examine the house. Depending on the area, you might have expensive and delicate items near the spot of sustained damage. It’s important (if safe) to move them out of the way of any other danger and away from the area where the storm can cause more destruction.

Cover What You Can

If this storm also contains rain, it’s important to make sure that water damage doesn’t also become a huge factor. One way to do this, is to make sure you’re covering any areas that are exposed to the elements.  Water seeping in from these open areas can cause expensive and unwanted water damage inside your home.

Call Someone To Help

It’s important to understand that during these times, there will be people who are on your side and willing to help. A professional remediation company is there to help you during your time of need, getting your home back up and running as soon as possible. To make sure you’re getting the best service on your home, research your best options and select someone who can help the most.

Should you find yourself in a situation in which you’ve sustained storm damage, keep in mind that timeliness is key. Addressing the problem early on is imperative, and the team at SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is ready to handle your home’s issues at any moment. To learn more, fill out our contact form or give us a call today at 631-585-0007

What Can Be Restored After a Storm?

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Our team is hard at work cleaning up the mess in Louisiana and Florida! - Image of empty boxes Our team is hard at work cleaning up the mess in Louisiana and Florida!

When a disaster strikes, it is important to react quickly and effectively to limit damage. Our job is to clean up the mess. You can help by calling us quickly and taking the following steps: 

Things You Can Try

  • If it is being caused by a leaking pipe, the FIRST thing you should do is shut down the main water valve in your home to limit damage!
  • You can start with the obvious mopping and blotting techniques if this is applicable.
  • Try to wipe as much moisture as you can from any wooden furniture so that it doesn’t seep into the wood fibers.
  • Place aluminum foil or some kind of water resistant barrier between wet carpeting and your furniture.
  • Move expensive items out of harm's way.
  • Remove area rugs and hang them outside to dry.

Call in the Professionals

When water damage gets serious, there is really only one team to call-- SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma! Our team is highly qualified and trained in water restoration techniques and we LOVE helping people. Our team is currently in Florida lending a hand with relief efforts and this is the very reason why we love what we do. We help real people like you every single day!

  • We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster
  • We provide 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • We are a Trusted Leader in the Water Restoration Industry
  • We are Locally Owned and Operated
  • We are apart of the larger SERVPRO family, which means we have access to the best equipment and technology in the business.

Every water restoration situation is unique and we treat them that way. Our experts will come in, assess your damage, take the proper remediation steps to limit damage and then work hand in hand with your insurance company to restore your home to what it was before. We are here for you in these very stressful times and we are only a phone call away!

To schedule water restoration services, call 631-296-0465 or contact us online for fast and easy scheduling.

How Do You Restore Hurricane Damage?

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hurricane warning sign The busiest hurricane season since 2005

Restoring damage from a catastrophic event is not easy. We’re not talking about a pipe burst in your basement, we’re talking about anything from minimal damage to whole homes and businesses being washed away in the wreckage. Here at SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma, we have been there through the storms in the past and we will be there through the storms in the future. If you have to go through this with someone, make it your SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma family: 

Safety Always Comes First

When it comes to powerful storms, the first thing on your mind should be safety. As you are preparing your home for the storm, be sure to take pictures for the insurance companies and move all valuables to a safe location. If your local government issues an evacuation, prepare your home as best as you can and be sure to follow their instructions.

A Dedicated Work Force

The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of the best of the best in the restoration business. We work diligently to help put people’s lives and businesses back together. We have helped residential and commercial property owners return to normalcy after MAJOR losses and that ability to help out those in need is what motivates us.

A History of Success

When it comes to large scale disasters, the SERVPRO family bands together! We can mobilize up to 1,700 Franchisees nationwide and with their level of expertise, your property will look as good as new in no time. We have had restoration success after countless catastrophic events. We are here for you today and will be here for you tomorrow.

Is Your Home Prepared For A Storm?

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SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is ready to assist you with all storm mitigation issues Storm Damage on Long Island is Not Unusual!

Owning your own home comes with a ton of benefits, such as your own private space for relaxation, being able to decorate to your liking, and many more! However, there are also some drawbacks to owning a home and sometimes this is the reality that your home may sustain damage due to factors outside of your control. With storm season upon us on Long Island’s coast, we want to make sure that your home is prepared for a storm and help you get ready for anything that might come our way this year.

Keep Spare Wood Boards

The last thing anyone needs in their home is broken glass - and when a storm comes through, windows are an easy target for damage. Instead of having you worry about shard of glass on your floor, keep a few wooden boards in the garage or on the side of the house. If notice of a bad storm rolls in, secure it outside against the larger windows to prevent foreign objects from breaking the glass. Of course, you can always nail it into the siding for extra reinforcement, should the storm prediction anticipate stronger winds.

Grab Extra Gas For Your Generator

The last thing we want to see is you throwing out all of your food because the power went out and everything spoiled before it could be cooked. Instead of risking losing your weekly grocery store haul, grab extra gas from the gas station a few days before the storm and keep it by your side! This will help power your generator and keep your major appliances running for a few extra days until the power is restored.

Know You Can Call Someone

The best thing to have by your side before a storm is someone who can be at the ready and help your home immediately after. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen the damage that can occur due to storms like Hurricane Sandy, but that’s one of the best reasons to have someone like us on speed dial. When disaster strikes, our mission is to get you and your home back up and running quickly, alleviating stress and discomfort felt by nature.

When a storm is barreling toward Long Island, know that there is a local company ready to help you at the drop of a dime. SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma has been helping local families and businesses recover after all types of damage, and your case is no different. To receive assistance with water, fire or storm damage, give us a call at 631-585-0007!

When Storms or Floods hits Ronkonkoma , SERVPRO is ready!

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SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hits Suffolk County, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today 631-585-0007

Winter Storm Watch: Preparation You Can Take

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white residential home with snow covering the roof and gutters snow on top of roof and gutters at residential home

At home, winter storms can take a toll on not only your home, but you as well! Hours upon hours spent shoveling, de-icing, and protecting your cars, roofing and other items adds up to one giant lengthy homeowners maintenance list.  While storms are hopefully few and far between, there’s always the inevitable -- which means there should always be a plan in place! Below are a few things to add to your list of things to do or compile at home to prepare yourself for a winter storm this season.

Rock Salt

It’s important to have something that can melt ice when temperatures drop. The last way you want to start your morning is on your back because the stairs were icy and you lost your footing. Keeping a small container nearby to place near your entryway is a great idea and can save you from injury and potential buildup of ice in areas where it shouldn’t be.


Winter storms are deceiving and what looks like a white wonderland one minute can cause power outages and spoiled meats rather quickly afterwards. Try to consider keeping a generator handy and nearby when a storm is expected to hit your area. Enjoying the cold outdoors isn’t as fun when your home is just as cold!

Special Tools

For those in an area where snow can hit hard, it might make a bit more sense to have something built to handle the onslaught of precipitation and freezing temperatures. Roofline snow removers and special shovels are great items to have nearby when snow hits. Additionally, make sure that you’ve inspected your gutters before the storm, to rid them of any debris that may otherwise cause clogging, pooling of water, which can also lead to freezing, cracking, and flooding once it’s thawed out. 

Don’t let potential damage from a winter storm leave you out in the cold and your home/business struggling to recover. If you’ve fallen victim to the wrath of winter this year, make sure to partner yourself with a team that can make the situation right the first time. SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma has been assisting home and business owners recover from damage for years, and we’d love to help you! Contact us today and we’ll show you how we can make everything right again. 631-585-0007

Hurricane Prep At Your Business

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Lost business time = lost profits -- and nobody wants that to be their reality. Of course, during hurricane season, the weather often has other plans and there isn’t much to be done that can prevent it from hitting your area. However, what you can do is prepare for damage as best as you can and make sure it is as little as possible. With your business in mind, here are a few preparation tips to consider this season! 

Protect Product

Are you a storefront that relies solely on the sale of tangible goods? When a hurricane is looming, it’s important to keep that product away from windows and protected from the storm incoming.  It is important to keep your business protected beyond the storm, as well, considering the possibility of any looting. I’m sure these thoughts are sending your thoughts spinning and you are realizing that there are many factors that go into the planning.  That’s good, we want you to be prepared because it’s important to make sure you’re covered, and your products don’t suffer a poor fate. 

Board Up

As stated before, damage can occur anywhere and it’s imperative that you protect your area from damage at all costs. Sandbags at your entryways and wood on the windows is a great way to prevent objects and moisture from getting in, as well as from anything else the storm may throw at you. This small investment is a key factor in making sure you’re covered for whatever might get hurled your way.  Punn intended….

A Team To Help

When the storm passes and you’re left with damage of any size, it’s critical to have a team at the ready to help you when you need it most. Employing a damage mitigation team such as ours provides you with everything you need to make sure you’re back on your feet and operating as soon as possible! 

A hurricane cannot be avoided; We are subject to the way the wind blows…. If your home or business has experienced the wrath of a hurricane, there’s only one company who can quickly and effectively restore the area. With SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma, we take pride in our fast and effective response team, dedicated to getting you back up and running as soon as possible. Contact us at 631-585-0007 for rapid response and service!

3 Ways Storms Can Be Costly

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It’s no secret in knowing that spring showers can bring bright flowers, but it can unfortunately also bring water damage to homes. In an effort to make sure that this water doesn’t damage your home, which is something everyone should want to prevent, it’s important to do what you can to prevent the issue from becoming a costly one. Below are a few key areas to think about when it comes to spring rain and how without proper care, can cost you a lot of money. 

Roofing Trickles DOWN

The first place rain hits when it makes its way to your home is -- you guessed it, your roof! worn out, old shingles from the winter might be giving way to water which in turn, is responsible for causing a ton of water damage. This is something that without care can cost thousands to repair if not properly addressed, so make sure this is on your list of things to do! 

From The Foundation Up

Older homes are usually at risk for cracks that can be damaging to homes in both short and long term instances. It’s important to note that the effects of all seasons can cause structural issues, and water getting in between cracks can have expensive, lasting effects on your home. Make sure you’re always inspecting areas like this to ensure nothing is slipping through the cracks -- literally!

Fill Empty Spaces

Rain pouring down on your home can mean water and moisture getting into places it doesn’t belong, and this can mean damage. Make sure all windows, doors, siding and seams are sealed tight to prevent water from creeping in and getting into the wrong areas. Redoing window frames and replacing large portions of siding due to water damage is something nobody wants to dig into their wallet for. 

There are sometimes emergency situations that cannot be avoided, even with proper care. If your home or business has experienced water damage this Spring, there’s only one company who can quickly and effectively restore the area. With SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma, we take pride in our fast and effective response team, dedicated to getting you back up and running as soon as possible. Contact us at 631-585-0007 for rapid response and service!